Slo-mo cat activities

Slo-mo cat activities

19. September 2021 0 By Humom

Here's some of our most recent acitivity cat toys. They slow down the process when your cat eats treats or wetfood and presents a challange or stimuli in your cats life.

Slo-mo board

This board presents many different little puzzles and the best thing is that you can move everything around. The little holes makes it possible to place all the objects whereever you want. So you can remove pieces and add as the cats get better at it. Also it doesn't get borring as you can change it up from time to time and it becomes a whole new toy. I really like this one and I found it on ZooPlus.


Most intelligent toys are made for treats or dryfood. But there's also mats for wetfood. It slows down the eating a bit and changes the environment for your cat. So this is a way to add some excitement to your cats life. This works best with wetfood that has either a mousse or pate' consistency. You simply smear it out on the mat and serve to your cat. I find my cats are more interested in eating pate' when it's served on the mat. I got my LickiMat from a Danish cat box subscription, but I've seen these things in petstores and at vets all around, so you should be able to find something similair in your country. We got the blue fish, but the come in many shapes, sizes and colors.

Nina Ottesen toys

This year I got 2 different toys from Nina Ottesen. The leaf shaped one with ladybugs is called "Buggin Out" and definitly is the easier of the two. The triangled one is called "Melon Madness" as has been a challenge for my Victor since he has to work against gravity. I think this is a very charming brand of cat toys and they are more aesthetically pleasing to me than the plastic ones. But they only offer two types of pushing challenges, unlike the slow mo toy.

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