Victor – the first deaf darling

Victor – the first deaf darling

Facts about Victor the White

Victor has a white coat, light blue eyes, a pink nose and pink paws. He was born in Jutland 28/05/2014 - far from where his now humom and catdad live. He was part of a litter of 4 and was the only one born deaf. He was named after his mother whose name was also Victor. His foster mom thought they were very similar in personality. Sadly his mom got hit by a car a week before Victor was adopted in November 2014. He weighs about 5.1 kg today.


Victor is first and foremost a very affectionate cat who loves giving his humans cuddles and kisses. He follows his humans around till we give him attention and he misses us very much when we are gone. But all the love is strictly reserved for humom and catdad and no one else. Not even the catsitter.

Victor is very careful around strangers and doesn't like being touched by them at all. Sometimes when the humans come home reeking of strange smells, Victor gets very anxious. Needless to say he also hates going to the vet. But despite his fears he is a very curious cat and sometimes will be brave, because his curiosity gets the better of him. He sticks his nose into everything and often ends up breaking stuff. Throwing stuff off of the counter is a fun game. Victor meows a lot at his humans and at Ronja, when there's something he wants. Victor can be difficult to live with at times, but I wouldn't want to live without him.


Biggest passion

Feathers! Victor loves playing with feathers and feather toys.

Favourite toy

"The bird" which is a wand with a stack of feathers attached to a string.

Weird habits

Victor likes to chew on dish brushes.


He is neutered but still likes to hump blankets, clothes or humoms leg. He likes to sit on the toilet cistern so that he can cuddle with his humans while they get their business done. At night he likes to get tucked in at the foot of humoms bed and get goodnight kisses. In the middle of the night he will go into the livingroom and find his favourite wand and take it back into bed with him. He will bite all types of string till they break. This is a problem with toys. He really enjoys being vacuumed and will follow humom around till she gives him his turn.



Favorite sleeping spots

Under the bed and in moms wardrobe closet. When the humans are home the sofa is also okay, especially if the radiator is on. The radiator bed and the window lounger are also good options. But often Victor will just fall asleep on the kitchen hood during birdwatch duty.

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