Deaf cats and their “mute meows”

Deaf cats and their “mute meows”

4. September 2017 14 By Humom

A lot of people assume that deaf cats are also mute cats. But far from it actually. Like I also mention in our frequently asked questions, deaf cats are known for their big voices.

As deaf cats can't hear how loud they are, they tend to go a little overboard. Some deaf cats even purr very loud, but when Ronja purrs you can hardly hear it at all. So of course there are exceptions.

Who are they talking to?

They say that adult cats don't communicate with each other by meowing. Adult cats meow at humans, to get what they want, but not to each other. However I have noticed that Victor actually sometimes meows to Ronja. This happens when they chase each other around the apartment for fun. He meows constantly in their little breaks. Maybe he is saying "again again" or "I'm gonna get you". I'm not really sure on that one. Either way it's not very effective.

Victor mostly talk to his humans though and he can be very persistent. He also meows if he has spotted a bug he can't reach (Ronja does this too). Whatever the reason, there always seems to be a reason for his meows and apparently he has a lot to say.

Random Ronja Soundtrack

Ronja on the other hand seems to be meowing at random sometimes. Of course she meows when she begs for food or wants to go outside. But she also meows when she jumps up in her cat tree and when she plays. She seems to have a whole soundtrack of noises going on when she is moving. She makes everything from cute little noises to loud whining meows, that makes you jump to see if she is okay. It's really difficult to catch on camera as she tends to stop once she notice us. But here's what I did catch on camera.



That's just a little sample of what it sounds like living with Ronja. Most of the time it is pretty endearing though. She never meows at Victor though, so on this particular point she is just like a hearing cat.

People often wonder why a deaf cat would meow. But I think it's instinct for them to meow at humans. And I'm sure they can feel vibrations in their throats as they meow, so they know that they are doing something, even though they don't know what sound is. And it's very effective in getting the humans to pay attention. This is what a typical mornings sounds like at our house. 

So deaf cats meow and purr like hearing cats and sometimes even more. I am lucky to have two deaf cats who control their volume pretty well, because some deaf cats can be very loud. If you are considering adopting a deaf cat it's important that you know that this could be something you'll have to live with. They don't hear noise, but they sure can make noise!