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Slo-mo cat activities

Here's some of our most recent acitivity cat toys. They slow down the process when your cat eats treats or wetfood and presents a challange or stimuli in your cats life. Slo-mo board This board presents many different little puzzles and the best thing is that you can move everything around. The little holes makes…

By Humom 19. September 2021 0

Interactive Toys

It's important to stimulate and challenge indoor cats to keep them mentally fit and happy. One way to do this is to offer them interactive toys. We have tried many different interactive treat toys and here we are going through some of them. Maybe you want to try some of these with your cat?

By Humom 8. October 2018 0

Clicker Training deaf cats

The reason I started clicker training my deaf cats was simply to activate them. Cats who are bored start unwanted behavior as they are frustrated. So with two indoor cats I'm always looking for new ways of stimulated them and offer entertainment.With clicker training they have to be very attentive and use their brains to…

By Humom 30. March 2018 4

Cardboard Castle for Cats

In our house it would be a sin to throw a good box out. Cardboard boxes are great material for building something new and exiting for the cats. Since my cats are indoor cats, it's important to change-up their environment and give them new experiences. Here are some of our newest cardboard projects. Cardboard Castle…

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Cats and boxes – our DIY projects

It is a well-known fact that cats love boxes. My cats are no different and will choose to nap on cardboard over fluffy blankets any time. So naturally most boxes that get into this house won't leave right away. Some of them get modified more than others. Here is some of our DIY cat project…

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