10 advantages of deaf cats

10 advantages of deaf cats

31. October 2017 2 By Humom

Being a deaf cat isn't necessarily all bad. Here's 10 situation where being or having a deaf cat is actually an advantage.

1. New Years/Independence Day

Or any other national celebration where it's custom to use fireworks. Pet owners struggle on these days because a lot of cats and dogs are scared of fireworks. It's noisy and confusing. To a deaf cat it's just a lot of red dots! And if they can't see it they won't even know it's there. Therefore fireworks is a lot less stressful for a deaf cat. A deaf cat can also have a calming effect on hearing pets in these situations, simply by staying calm and not hiding. 

2. When you have small children

Small children cry and their toys can be very loud too. A deaf can't won't mind a crying baby at night and won't be scared of their toys either. So small children and a deaf cat is not a bad combination.

3. When it's time to bring out the vacuum

You don't have to feel bad bringing out the vacuum cleaner, when your cat is deaf. It probably won't care or it will actually enjoy it. Some deaf cats chase the vacuum for fun and see it as a toy and other cats - such as Victor - likes to cuddle it. A deaf cat don't see the vacuum as a big scary monster, so you can get cracking at getting rid of all that cat fur in your home.


4. When you sing

A deaf cat won't judge your amateur singing cause it won't have to endure your bathroom concerts. Carefull with the farts though. It might not hear it, but it knows what you've done.

5. When you want to turn up the volume (or when you get older)

Turn up that heavy metal on the stereo or Game of Thrones on the TV (but not the subwoofer!). Cause it won't bother your deaf cat one bit. This makes deaf cats suitable for elderly people who needs to turn up the TV more than a hearing cat would like.

6. When rebuilding or moving

Get those powertools cracking. Drilling ang hammering is no problem when having a deaf cat. 

7. When you're in the kitchen

You can use as many noisy kitchen appliances as you want without waking up the cat. Accidentally slamming a cabinet won't scare a deaf cat either.

8. When there's a storm

Thunder? What's thunder? Not something that will bother a deaf cat, that's for sure. No need for thunder shirts here. A lot of pets and humans are scared of the ominous roaring of thunder, but it has to get pretty close before a deaf cat will even take notice.

9. When you want attention

Cats have this rumor of not really caring about their humans at all. Personally I don't think that's true at all. But with a deaf cat you are guaranteed to get their attention. Deaf cats rely a lot on reading their humans to better understand situations. They are very observant and are good at keeping eye contact. Some people think that you will communicate less with a deaf cat, but it's rather the other way around. The communication isn't so verbal but I spend a lot more time communicating with my deaf cats than I've ever done with a hearing one. The fact that they are so human orientated makes them wonderful pets. And little creeps, but all cats are creeping sometimes.



10. When you could use a new perspective

When you have  a deaf cat you need to put yourself in their place. You need to think about how their world differs because of the lack of hearing and how you can help them have a good life. You also have to think of ways to communicate with them. You could argue that having a pet (or family member) with different needs gives you a new perspective and perhaps even make you more empathic.

Got ideas to more situations where the deafness is a bonus? Please share in the comments!

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