Hearsay about deaf white cats

Hearsay about deaf white cats

8. November 2018 2 By Humom

Things people say about deaf cats

There's a lot of myths and confusion around deaf (white) cats. Here's some rumors I've stumbled upon:

  • All white cats are deaf (nope)
  • Only white cats with blue eyes are deaf (not true)
  • Odd-eyed white cats are always deaf (wrong again)
  • Only purebreds are born deaf (nonsense)

These statements are all wrong, but most of them build on something true.

The white gene (w)

There's definitely a correlation between the white coat, blue eyes and lack of hearing. This is because the gene for these 3 things are the same! The gene (w) is always penetrating in the color of the coat (making it all white), while it may be more or less effective coloring the eyes blue or causing deafness.

This means that white cats with different colored eyes than blue, can be deaf too. It also means that some white cats with blue eyes can hear perfectly fine, cause the gene only effected their visual appearance. Lucky bastards



Not all deaf cats are white

Since there can be other reasons to deafness than this gene, not all deaf cats are white. We don't know why our Ronja is deaf. But we know it's not for the same reason as with Victor, cause, as we just learned, if she carried the gene for deafness (w), she would definitely be 100% white (w is for white you see).



All deaf cats...

...Can't hear. And that's about as final a statement as you get about that. Cause deaf cats have different appearances and different personalities. What I wanted you to take from this is simply that there is no ultimates, when it comes to deafness in cats. There is definitely a correlation between white cats and deafness, but other than that, there really are no final guidelines on the matter.

How to tell a cat is deaf

You are going to have to find out by yourself by interacting with the cat. If you suspect that your cat might be deaf, you can do simple hearing tests like in this video.

I got the information about the deaf gene in cats from this article.

Thanks for hearing meowt!

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