Ramen and Harry

Ramen is an unbelievable beautiful tabby girl who was born late spring 2018. Her mother I believe is Miko and she has a red brother and possibly another sibling. Ramen went into the trap in September and went to the vet to get spayed. My vet sent me these pictures of her. Check out the multicolored beans on those paws!



Once Ramen had recovered from her vet visit I released her back where she came from. It took her a moment to realise shee was free to leave the trap. But then she darted straight home. I have since seen Ramen on the wildlife camera and she is doing well.


As Ramen was very scared sitting in the trap I didn't get any good photos or videos of her. But I do have a lot of clips with her from the wildlife cam. I'm absolutely in love with this little noodle.





About a month after setting Ramen out, her brother went into the trap. I named him Harry after the ginger British prince because the cat was born right around the time the prince got marry. Harry was the last of the spring kittens to get fixed.

Harry was quickly back at the feeding station and is doing well 🙂