26. January 2019 0 By Humom

Peanut was born late last Summer (2018) and went into my trap for the first time when he was just a kitten. I let him out again because he was too young to be neutered. I didn't know it was a male cat yet, but named him Peanut because he was so small. I figured it would be alright in case it was a girl.

Some weeks later while I was trying to catch some of his older cusins, he went into the trap again. I decided to take him to the vet and see what they said. But as I thought, the vet still found Peanut too young to get fixed, so he was returned home yet again.

After this Peanut finally learned his lesson and stayed far away from the trap. In the begining this was a good thing, cause I needed to catch some of the other cats. But then he grew old enough and I was struggling for a long time to catch him. Here you can see how clever he was around the trap.

Peanut lost his peanuts

What finally made him go into the one January night, I don't know. But I'm very glad he did. He got the whole package (or package removal) at the vet and was later released back home. He ran straight to the barn where the colony takes shelter, so he was safe with his family. Three other cats were observing me as I set him free.

Peanut is my TNR cat number 19 and will continue to live his life as a free community cat with a caretaker (me!). Welcome to the family little Peanut.

You can read more about being a community cat caretaker here.