The Factory and the Chaise Lounge

The Factory and the Chaise Lounge

20. May 2019 0 By Humom

Cats love boxes! And humom likes to make stuff out of them. Check out our latest creations in cardboard for cats!

The Cat Food Factory

We recently bought a chair in IKEA that came in a fun shaped box. The box is sorta shaped like a Tetris block, so I thought I'd make something out of it for the cats. It turned into a factory that makes cat food! I made a door on each side of it and cut little paw sized windows in it. I used a cardboard pipe as chimneys.

Victor enjoys lying inside the factory. We also play a game where I wave a play wand with feathers in front of the windows and the cats have to catch it. Ronja sometimes puts her treat balls in there. I assume it's on purpose, but you never know. I sometimes put treats inside the factory when they aren't looking, for them to find later.

The Chaise Lounge

After a long days work at the factory a cat needs a place to rest. Here I cut a chaise lounge from a ZooPlus box. Ronja enjoys it with a sheep skin, while Victor prefers it eu natarul.

Every cat owner knows that cats prefer cardboard boxes from expensive fluffy cat beds and caves. So why not take advantage of that and save some money? We have been creative with boxes and below you can see some of our DIY projects for cats.

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