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Cardboard Castle for Cats

In our house it would be a sin to throw a good box out. Cardboard boxes are great material for building something new and exiting for the cats. Since my cats are indoor cats, it's important to change-up their environment and give them new experiences. Here are some of our newest cardboard projects. Cardboard Castle…

By Humom 11. March 2018 0

Cardboard Christmas for cats

It's Christmas time again and the war between cat owners and cats have started. Usually we live together in solitude but in December it's a battle to keep your decorations up. Cats especially loves to play with the Christmas tree. So does your cat swing in the tree like Tarzan, gnaw on branches, knock down…

By Humom 10. December 2017 0

DIY Cat Shelter

Winter is coming! That means all the ferals are looking for shelter to survive and you can help them out. If you have ferals near your home, you can easily make a cat shelter for them in an afternoon. Here's a DIY guide for you.

By Humom 18. September 2017 0

Cats and boxes – our DIY projects

It is a well-known fact that cats love boxes. My cats are no different and will choose to nap on cardboard over fluffy blankets any time. So naturally most boxes that get into this house won't leave right away. Some of them get modified more than others. Here is some of our DIY cat project…

By Humom 11. September 2017 0

DIY Snacktivities for cats

Snack + activity = snacktivity! Most cats would live off treats if they could. One way to keep their weight down is to make sure your cats have to work for it, when you are spoiling them with nom noms. It's more natural for cats to work for their food, so this is a great…

By Humom 8. July 2017 0