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Catwalk Considerations

Spring has arrived and I have started taking my deaf cat out for walks again. We have been taking a break from walks in the coldest winter months. This blogpost is about why we took this break and something important to consider before ever taking your cat out on a leash. First thing to consider…

By Humom 13. July 2019 0

This week’s scoop!

If you're like me and are having trouble remembering what you had for dinner two days ago, you probably haven't got any idea how often your kitty goes number 1 and 2. That's right, I went there. I know it's not the most interesting conversation starter, but at the vet it might very well be…

By Humom 21. March 2019 0

Interactive Toys

It's important to stimulate and challenge indoor cats to keep them mentally fit and happy. One way to do this is to offer them interactive toys. We have tried many different interactive treat toys and here we are going through some of them. Maybe you want to try some of these with your cat?

By Humom 8. October 2018 0

In case of fire

At 6 am this morning I was in a deep sleep dreaming and Ronja and Victor were right by my side. I woke up from the fire alarm alerting me, that there was a fire in the downstairs apartment!

By Humom 4. April 2018 0

Cardboard Castle for Cats

In our house it would be a sin to throw a good box out. Cardboard boxes are great material for building something new and exiting for the cats. Since my cats are indoor cats, it's important to change-up their environment and give them new experiences. Here are some of our newest cardboard projects. Cardboard Castle…

By Humom 11. March 2018 0