All aboard the kitty train!

All aboard the kitty train!

25. November 2019 0 By Humom

Cats love boxes. Well most cats anyway and Ronja and Victor are no exception. And I like to make boxes into something even more fun, than just a plain box. In the past I have made several castles, a tank, a barn and an airplane, to name a few. Now we welcome you all aboard our choo choo train!

How is it made?

I didn't go by any recipe, men got inspired by different images found online. The train is mainly made out of two cardboard boxes, one long one and one standard ZooPlus box. I've used a third box for some of the details, like the wheels. Becides the windows, there's also a hole on the "nose" of the train, so the cats can enter a tunnel here. There's acces between the two boxes inside as well.

Work in progress - the train is almost done and Victor is testing the view.

Build with Hubu

As many of our other cardboard projects, the train is put together with Hubu screws. These colorfull plastic screws are made to put cardboard together. The original idea is to build things for children, but they work just as well with furkids. They hold it all together a lot better than tape and makes it a lot easier to build stuff like this. It's a Danish product and I don't know if they deliver to other countries.

How do we use it?

Whenever I start a new box project, Ronja and Victor are always around. They get currious when I start messing around with cardboard in the living room and I think they know I'm making something for them. It's not always easy cutting windows in a box, when there's a cat inside it, so their participation doesn't make the process any faster. But making it is part of the fun and I wouldn't want to exclude them from any of it.

Victor enjoys to sit on top of the train where he has a nice view of the living room. You'll often find him here in the evening. Ronja likes to sit in a smaller box on the nose of the train and look out of the window. She also like to explore the insides of the train, cause you never know if mom is hiding treats in there!

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