Cardboard Christmas for cats

Cardboard Christmas for cats

10. December 2017 0 By Humom

It's Christmas time again and the war between cat owners and cats have started. Usually we live together in solitude but in December it's a battle to keep your decorations up. Cats especially loves to play with the Christmas tree. So does your cat swing in the tree like Tarzan, gnaw on branches, knock down the decorations or even knock over the entire tree? Worry no more. Here's a Christmas tree for cats that you will have no trouble with at all. Also: Cute gingerbread house for your cats (whom you will love again ones you change your Christmas tree to my model).

Christmas tree for cat owners

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Cats love real Christmas trees and even fake ones. But cats also love CARDBOARD! So simply make a Christmas tree out of cats' favorite material and you don't have to worry about them getting pine needles in their tummies no more. They can knock it over if they want cause nothing will break. The ornaments are either made out of air or drawn on with metallic pens and glitter and you can just put the tree right back up. Chances are they won't even bother to knock it over though, cause you've taken all the fun out of it.

There is once again peace in our house at Christmas time and that my furry friends, is priceless! Oh yeah, it also saves you a lot of money to go with a cardboard tree and it's not too bad on the environment either. You can just fold it up and reuse it year after year.


How to make a cardboard Christmas tree for cats

So basically what I did was to find a big box and draw a tree shape with a flat bottom on one of the larger sides. Ones I had cut it out, I put it down on the other long side and drew a line around it. Then I cut out that tree too and had two identical Christmas tree shapes. Then I drew two types of Christmas ornaments (you can make more of course) and made them into templates. With the templates I drew a bunch of ornaments on the two trees and cut them out. Now all I had to do was cut strips in the center of the two trees: one in the bottom of one tree and one in the top of the other. Make it about halfway through. TIP: Start out small with this cut as you can always make it bigger. Lastly I drew some tinsel with metallic pens and glitter glue and threw on some colored Christmas lights.

I'm sorry I didn't take picture for instructions, but you can see that Ronja had a lot of fun while I was making the tree.


Gingerbread house

Cardboard already has the perfect color for a gingerbread house, so I had to make one. The gingerbread house is made out of two boxes. I've cut a door and some different windows. It's decorated with colored and a white pen. I've also cut our some gingerbread men, stars and hearts. Lastly I've added some battery-powered Christmas lights. Sometimes they just sit inside for a while, but Victor prefers to lie on top of it and Ronja enjoys playing inside of it.


The fireplace

This is out newest edition to our cardboard Christmas collection. The design is simple and it simply takes time to decorate it to look like a fireplace. I've seen people do these and use paint. I didn't want to do this because of the paint smell. Cats have such a keen sense of smell, that I was afraid it would drive them away. So I used red carton for the bricks and regular white paper in the background. The garland is made out of green carton and some green wire I had lying around, but any type of string would probably do. The garland and stockings are kept up by pins. I eventually added some cotton wool to the top of the fireplace, to simulate snow. I put some colored christmas lights and our Christmas cards to the "mantle" as well. And there you go: a decorative Christmas cave for cats! 


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Happy Holidays from Ronja & Victor!