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This tabby fella first showed up at my feeding station in May 2020. He came right around the same time as Dexter, so before he was named, I called him Dexter's friend. Although I've never actually seen them together, so I think it was a coincident. So when I set the trap in May last…

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How to tell your cat is deaf

A lot of people adopt cats without knowing the cat is deaf. Usually the owner quickly cathces on, that the cat might have trouble hearing. I get a lot of messages from people in this type of situation, asking me how to tell if their cat is deaf. This is what this blog post is…

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Smokey the stray

You are never bored when you are feeding at cat colony. Feeding stations attract cats, so now and then a stranger will find its way to my colony. This is the story of Smokey the stray. Mystery Kitty As with most new cats, I saw Smokey for the first time on some recordings from my…

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Catwalk Considerations

Spring has arrived and I have started taking my deaf cat out for walks again. We have been taking a break from walks in the coldest winter months. This blogpost is about why we took this break and something important to consider before ever taking your cat out on a leash. First thing to consider…

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Clicker Training deaf cats

The reason I started clicker training my deaf cats was simply to activate them. Cats who are bored start unwanted behavior as they are frustrated. So with two indoor cats I'm always looking for new ways of stimulated them and offer entertainment.With clicker training they have to be very attentive and use their brains to…

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Vet visit

Early February we went for an annual check up and vaccines. Ronja and Victor are indoor cats who does not have direct contact with other cats or eat raw meat like mice. Therefore they are not in immediate danger of getting infected with diseases. However, I have contact with cats that could carry something infectious.…

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3 plants your cat will love

Cats are natural carnivores and everything about them is designed to hunt prey. Yet for some reason they like to nibble on house plants. This is unfortunate because a lot of these plants are actually toxic to cats. Providing safe plants is a great way to stimulate your cats - especially indoor cats. 

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