Fun cat activities with paper and plastic

Fun cat activities with paper and plastic

25. June 2017 0 By Humom

Every cat owner knows that cats find it very interesting when something new happens in their home. Maybe you added a new piece of furniture or maybe you simply moved some stuff around. An easy way to change-up their environment and give them something to play with, is to put some paper or plastic on the floor. When the cats aren't using it no more you can simply put it away or throw it out. Activating and stimulating indoor cats is important for their mental health, so mix it up and make it fun for them. Here are some examples of stuff Ronja and Victor plays with.


Paper table-cloth

I have a roll of paper table-cloth and sometimes I pull of a piece for the cats to play in. It breaks fast but still last for days or even weeks. They like jumping around in it.


Paper from packaging

When the humans get a delivery so does the cat. It's fun to play with big pieces of paper!


Bubble wrap 

Everybody loves bubble wrap, including my cats. It's fun to hide in or find toys in. Here Ronja just wants to sit on it, while Victor wants to play. 


Big flat piece of cardboard 

Cat loves cardboard boxes and they also like the big pieces to play on. We had this big one lying in our living room for months and it offered a lot of entertainment for the cats. I put a bunch of balls in it, that would roll around when the cats walked on it.


Foam Peanuts

A box of foam peanuts can be very interesting to a cat.


Hopefully this gave you some ideas how to make your cats indoor environment more interesting. So remember the cats the next time your receive a package or buy new furnitures. Check out our playlist on YouTube for more DIY cat activities or this post about using children's toys for cats.