Toys for kids and cats

Toys for kids and cats

1. July 2017 0 By Humom

If you are looking for new ways to entertain your cats, you might wanna take a look in the kids department. There's plenty of childrens toys that are also suitable for cats. Under the proper supervision of course. Ronja has a little blue toy car from a Kinder Surprise that she loves to chase.  Here are some more examples of toys you won't find at the pet store, that Ronja and Victor enjoys playing with.


Fidget Spinners

Yeah, I think they were ment to be some sort of anti stress device for adults, but they quickly turned into a very popular kids toy. Cats dig them too.


The tablet

Probably the most popular kids entertainment of the decade, but the four-legged can actually enjoy a game too. Some apps are designed especially for cats, so your kids don't even have to share their games. My cats do react to them, but they usually lose interest rather quickly. I think it's because they are lacking the crucial feedback of sound and that's pretty important on most of them.

Here is a list of cat friendly games for the iPad if you want to give it a try:

Cat Alone 2

Paw Me

Mouse for cats


Game For Cats

Bug Smasher og Ant Smasher are good too although they are not specifically for cats.


Robot fish

Fish have always fascinated cats, but in these modern times, there is no need to invest in real live fish just to entertain your cats. The kids toy store is stocked with robot fish! Let it swim around in a small tub and you got some great kitty TV. Warning: This activity will make splashes so mind your floor!



Mysterious little things aren't they? They are right there and then *pop*. They're gone! They are still fun to chase though.



Another robot toy. This one is a caterpillar with sensors that makes it capable of backing out of most corners. It's like a regular cat sitter when you need some kitty free time. They love that thing.

Ball Pit

It has become really popular with these colorful balls for kids to play in, but why not make a ball pit for your cats as well?

The selection of cat toys really expands once you start including children's toys. Just make sure they can't get caught in string or swallow something.

I hope you find some awesome toys for your cats!