3 plants your cat will love

3 plants your cat will love

17. December 2017 1 By Humom

Cats are natural carnivores and everything about them is designed to hunt prey. Yet for some reason they like to nibble on house plants. This is unfortunate because a lot of these plants are actually toxic to cats. Providing safe plants is a great way to stimulate your cats - especially indoor cats. 

Cats who have access to the outside are less inclined to eat potted plants, however you can never know for sure. I've heard of cats who had never in 8 years taken a bite of a house plant, who suddenly dug into one and passed away. So the only way to be safe, is to avoid those toxic plants. Here's 3 plants that are perfectly safe for your living room tiger. They will love it!

Cat grass

It's in the name that this is a plant for cats. I looks like regular grass and is very cheep. You can either grow it yourself or buy it at a garden center, pet store or perhaps even your local supermarket. Ronja and Victor loves when I bring home cat grass.


Baby Bamboo

planter til katte, luksus kattegræsBamboo is really a misleading name for this plant. Well sure it looks like bamboo but it's actually a form of grass. In Denmark it also goes by the name of "luxurious cat grass". Some cats prefer this type of grass. Both of mine will eat it, but especially Ronja loves it. It's more decorative in my opinion but it's also twice as expensive and it can be difficult to maintain. It needs sunlight, but no direct sunlight and Denmark can be a very dark place. It needs lots of water too. Pet stores won't sell these but garden centers and flower shops might.



Maidenhair vine

A lot of cats enjoy chewing on this plant. I'd say Victor has become half vegetarian after I brought these into our home. Luckily it's safe for cats to eat, so if you don't mind sharing with your cat, you can get one of these plants. Even though Victor keeps the maiden's hair short, I find this plant very easy to keep. Mine is not in direct sunlight and it still lasts longer than both cat grass and baby bamboo.

A tip

When you buy plants that your cat will want to munch on, it's a good idea to buy two at a time. That way you can keep one out of the cats way and then switch them around after a while to give the plant some time to recover. They will last longer this way. Here's how maiden hair plants look before and after a month with Victor.

planter katte


Don't be startled to find a bit of vomit with pieces of plant in it. This is completely natural. 

Holiday Plants

A lot of decorative winter plants can be toxic for your cat (and dog). Check out PetMD's list here. Also Check out The The Cat Mom's guide.