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Cat Bowls

Pet food bowls. Maybe not the most exiting subject, I'll admit. We talk a lot about nutrition for cats (which is indeed an important subject!), but it also matters what you serve that food in. It matters to the cat and it might also matter to your situation.As a colony cat caretaker I have personaly…
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Purrsonality or pain?

The cat is a very peculiar being to us humans. Even for the biggest cat enthusiast it can be difficult to interpret cat behaviour. Every cat is different and has their own purrsonality and at times it can be difficult to differentiate between character traits and actual problems. Let's sit crooked and talk straight! For…
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Vet visit

Early February we went for an annual check up and vaccines. Ronja and Victor are indoor cats who does not have direct contact with other cats or eat raw meat like mice. Therefore they are not in immediate danger of getting infected with diseases. However, I have contact with cats that could carry something infectious.…
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