Why I made this cat blog

Why I made this cat blog

14. June 2017 0 By Humom

Welcome to the blog Cat-A-Log! I am the proud catmom of two deaf furbabies and here's how this website came about. When my husband and I adopted Victor back in 2014 I made a Facebook page where my friends could follow him. I knew I was going to spam my friends with kitty pictures, so I thought I would at least make it voluntarily this way. But then one thing led to another and complete strangers started following Victors Facebook page! It started to get english speaking followers as well (we are from Denmark), so I made it multilingual and renamed it when we got Ronja 6 months later.

A need for information about deaf cats

I started to get messages from people who had adopted a deaf cat or were thinking about it. They wanted my advice on things and had a lot of questions about deaf cats. After a while of writing the same answers to people, I decided to make a note on Facebook that I could link to. It saved me some time, but people were sometimes having problems seeing my links and it wasn't the great solution I was looking for. So I found that there was a demand for information about deaf cats and I needed somewhere to gather all my information. This is where social media just isn't cutting it for me and therefore I made this site.

cat blog


A catalog of cat related things

Another reason why I made this site and blog is that I feel like all my social media posts are being burried by new post. What could be valuable information for people is lost and my hard work wasted. So this blog is a way of storing all those ideas somewhere where people (including myself) can find it again. It's suppose to be a catalog of ideas and information about deaf indoor cats. Hopefully people will find it useful and interesting for all cat owners and cat lovers out there.
It's not going to replace our social media, so if you want to follow the loud lifes of the deaf darlings check out our follow section.