Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

28. April 2019 0 By Humom

Soon it is Mother's Day in Denmark. My kids have fur, paws and whiskers. I've chosen not to have human kids, a choice I'm happy with. As someone who doesn't have children the subject of kids is always very dangerous. But I'm risking it here anyway, by comparing living with cats and kids.

Cats and Kids

When my friends tell me about their children I can relate to some of it. Like when they tell me their children are keeping them up, well my furkids do the same all the time. My friends have diaper pails for their children just like I have a litter locker. It's just the kitty version standing next to the litter box. Neither parents of children or parents of cats have any privacy. Good luck going to the bathroom alone if there's children or cats in the house!

You are never alone when you have (fur)kids!

You have to whipe up spit whether you have small children or cats. I've had to install child safety thingys in my kitchen, because Ronja knows how to open cabbinets now. They are made for human babies, but they work just as well with cats in the house. You can buy plenty of cat toys that resemples baby toys these days. Just look at this one!

In fact a lot of childrens toys work perfect as cat toys as well. I have done my fair bit of shopping in the childrens department for my cats. Check out this blogpost if you want more information on that subject.
Come holidays parents will sit down with their bigger children and make decorations. I will sit down and make holiday themed cardboard houses for my cats. I make treasurehunts for my cats, we play with soap bubbles and find games on the I'pad. These days you can even get strollers for your cats and I've got a baby carrier for Ronja.

A mother's love

Most importantly what parents of cats and kids have in common is the love. It is a motherly or fatherly love we have towards the little ones. And they can drive us crazy like nothing else can, so you know it's an unconditional love.

No one calls me mom, but I am using my mom genes (not mom jeans) in the relationship I have with my furkids. So I may not be a mother in a traditional or biological sense, but I am a mother of cats!

So happy mothers day to everyone who has children - in whatever shape they come.