A dog house for cats

A dog house for cats

10. December 2018 0 By Humom

I got a dog house for the community cats 😸 This house replaces the big clear box that I started with this summer. It was fine as a feeding station for the dry summer we had. But now that it's raining and windy it doesn't offer much shelter for the food and water. It even blows away when it gets really windy, cause it's so light!

This new house should stay put, but still offers a feeding station closer to the ground. I also got the doghouse because I'm having a problem with my other feeding spaces. The cat shelters I serve food in are great for little bowls, but I can't fit the dry food and water dispensers through the openings.

With this dog house I can simply lift the roof and place larger dispensers and bowls. Finally a more enclosed space for them.

The dog house is by Woody and I got it at ZooPlus, where you can also buy insolation for it, if you want to use it as a nice big shelter.

For the fist night I let the cats explore the doghouse without anything to cover the entrance. The doghouse had a lot of visitors that night and many ventured inside.

The next day I put up the plastic covers that came with the house, but even with delicious wet food inside, nobody dared to even touch the covers. They went around and around the house looking for another way in.

Instead I put in a wooden plate that covers the entrance entirely and cut a smaller hole in that. That way the dog won't be able to get in there and it will offer even better shelter for the food and water. The cats had no problems with this new entrance.

You could also install a cat flap and even have it coded to your cats chip, so no one else can use it.  So if you're looking for either a feeding station or a shelter for your outdoor cat, try looking into dog houses. With just a small modification, you might find a better solution for your outdoor cat here.

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